Turn personal transaction lists into cashflow forecasts.
Let customers explore their financial future in interactive graphs.
Put your products in the context of life decisions.

Simply explore your future


Allow users to analyse life decisions. Calculating their new house's loan? Simulating a job loss? predictR does the job instantly — at the push of a button. No need for spreadsheets, file exports or formulas.


Make your online banking unique! predictR is the competitive edge for modern banking and helps to attract new customers. Provide value through information. Regain trust.


Give them their data back. Create financial literacy. Provide added value. predictR is a great tool to empower your customer by giving them new insights and information.


predictR is an online banking super car: cutting edge mathematics under the hood — brought to perfection by superior user experience. Take advantage of algorithms which automatically detect, repair and predict patterns.

Cross Selling

Enhance your customers financial potentials by placing your corresponding solutions in their scenarios. This creates unique opportunities for increasing your product sales.


Integrate predictR seamlessly into your online banking as a white-label solution. Benefit from instant feature upgrades and low maintenance risks.

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